Why REI Protect Chose Riosca Insurance Solutions

There are many insurance experts to choose from but there are very few with the experience, expertise and culture necessary to meet the expectations of REI Protect.  As a member of REI Protect, you have the advantage of the best risk management and REI specific advice available.  This assistance helps mitigate the likelihood of being sued or experiencing an adverse event that could cost you time, resources, money and reputation but, unfortunately, it doesn’t eliminate it.  Things do go wrong and, when they do, you want the policy protection in place.  Riosca is the best there is at helping healthcare organizations navigate the complexities of insurance and this is why we have chosen Riosca as our insurance partner. Riosca allows me the time needed to fully focus on you and your REI program.


Partnering with The Right Insurance Companies


REI Protect and Riosca only partner with companies that understand and are open to the unique needs of the REI field and have proven to be excellent when your stakes are highest, at the time of claim, so that you have the confidence that you are protected.  For the REI Protect Program, we have chosen to partner with one of the best and largest medical malpractice insurance companies in the country, ProAssurance.  Since 1976, ProAssurance has been defending physicians and healthcare organizations, giving them a deep understanding of what it means to protect organizations like yours.  Combine their experience with the focused efforts of REI Protect and you cannot find a better team when those stakes are high and personal.


Making the Process Easier


Let’s face it, nobody likes paperwork and insurance is full of it.  By employing the latest in technology, Riosca and REI Protect are moving away from paper whenever possible and offering digital solutions for applications, certificates of insurance and change requests.  Service options are available 24/7 and our clients always have access to their policy information and documents from their desktop, phone or tablet.  We want our clients to be able to focus on providing great care rather than the paperwork.


We chose to partner with Riosca because of their experience, technology and alignment with our vision to continue to create the best subspecialty professional liability protection program in the world.


Steven L Katz, MD

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