The Riosca Story

Dear REI Protect members,


Since George H.W. Bush was in the White House, I have been serving the risk management and insurance needs of the healthcare industry.  Along the way, one thing has been consistently clear, there has been too much focus on pushing insurance policies and not enough focus on helping organizations mitigate their exposures, protect their reputations and minimize their costs.  I have worked my entire career to do things differently.


I began my career with RGI Insurance Services. Ultimately spending 22 years with RGI, advancing to CEO and developing the agency into one of the nation’s largest commercial and benefits insurance agencies serving the healthcare industry. During my tenure with RGI, we differentiated the agency by designing and implementing their Enterprise Risk Management suite to help healthcare organizations understand and mitigate risks related to their professional services.  After completing the sale of RGI to The Doctors Company I was asked to design and implement a comprehensive risk management services offering on a national scale to 17,000 direct clients.


Over the years, I have been a part of many purchasing and risk management groups, some specialty focused and some regionally focused.  A few of these were exceptional programs and remain successful to this day.  Every one of the successful programs included a strong risk management focus with strong leadership and a membership that shared the values of the organization that backed the program.  Of all such programs, REI Protect stands alone.


As a previously practicing reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Steven Katz, the Founder and CEO of REI Protect, found out firsthand that this unique and growing specialty was not being served properly by the risk management and insurance communities.  REIs were lumped-in with gynecologists and obstetricians and your risks were not well understood.  Moreover, there was no risk evaluation for the IVF Laboratory. This drove him to create REI Protect and a program that is consistently on the forefront when it comes to helping REI organizations understand and mitigate their risks.


I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Katz invite me to help him with the insurance aspects of the REI Protect program.  Prior to coming onboard, I had insured many REI practices over the course of my career but realized, after becoming a part of this program, how little I understood.  His passion for helping the industry succeed, his understanding of the nuanced issues facing participants in the space and his far-reaching relationships that add additional expertise when needed, have created a truly special program.  His focus on helping members mitigate their risks before they become problems is why I was eager to join him.


I am excited to offer the resources of Riosca Insurance Solutions and my experience to the members of REI Protect.  In addition to the considerable benefits that you receive from REI Protect, Riosca will also be here to help assure that you the proper other business insurance in place with the right companies and will help you cut the bureaucratic and cumbersome process that is inherent in the insurance system.


I look forward to being of great assistance to the REI Protect community.


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Michael Rosenthal
Founder and President
Riosca Insurance Solutions