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Membership Benefits

Access to Dr Katz and the REI Protect team 24 hours a day-seven days a week.

Immediate access to the REI expertise of the REI Protect team to mitigate an active incident before it becomes a conflict.

If a claim does arise, the expertise of the REI Protect team to add additional specialization to aid in the defense of the claim.

Invitations to internal REI group discussions on critical and time sensitive topics

Confidential access to the sharing of REI practice information

Confidential access to REI physicians looking for a new opportunity

Confidential discussions about business development opportunities

Introduction to IVF laboratory private build out specialists

Introduction to financial specialists in mergers & acquisitions specifically in the field of REI medicine.

Introduction to capital investors specializing in debt and equity

Access to the REI Insurance Solutions program. A complete program dedicated to streamlining all of the business insurance requirements of the REI practice and IVF laboratory.

The REI Protect team using our 25 years of REI experience, performs a thorough risk evaluation of the IVF program leading to fair and stable long-term premium costs. This powerful risk analysis is unique to the REI Protect program and allows for proper REI classification. Without this risk analysis, other carriers place IVF programs in GYN categories leading to excess premium costs, no risk dedicated risk management and poor claims outcomes. 

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