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Formation of REI Protect

REI Protect was formed to create access for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialists (REIs) to a medical professional insurance program that focuses solely on the field of reproductive medicine.

As the practice of REI medicine has evolved over the past four decades, many insurance companies were not dedicating the risk management resources necessary to support and evolve with such a unique practice. We have partnered with REI Insurance Solutions to access ProAssurance to address this need and provide risk management services and MPL coverage specifically for reproductive endocrinologists, IVF labs, egg banks, and long-term storage facilities. REIs through the REI Protect program now have access to underwriting and claims handling from dedicated professionals who have extensive knowledge of the practice of fertility medicine.

Today, REI Insurance Solutions seeks to bring a complete and dedicated medical professional liability insurance program to the REI community with the following goals:

Premiums Tailored to the Specialty



Focused Risk Management



Accurate Exposure Assessment


Active Claims Mitigation



Experienced Claims Management



Shared Best Practice Guidelines Amongst Policyholders

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