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About ProAssurance

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ProAssurance has partnered with REI Insurance Solutions to provide comprehensive, consistent coverage to infertility medical practices and IVF laboratories across the country utilizing the REI Protect Program. Together, ProAssurance and the REI Protect Program provide deep expertise in underwriting, claims handling, and risk management to IVF practitioners and IVF laboratories.


Founded over 40 years ago, ProAssurance ( is committed to relentlessly defending and protecting the practice of medicine. ProAssurance stands with physicians, supporting their patient safety efforts and defending good medicine so these important aspects of your practice can be confidently kept in balance.



The ProAssurance Group is a united family of specialty companies working together to provide comprehensive and innovative liability insurance solutions. The company's structure allows for rapid production of liability coverage endorsements to meet the needs of their insureds in all fields of medicine. This is particularly important in the field of infertility medicine where IVF laboratory innovation is so prominent. ProAssurance’s experience and resources truly help doctors and administrators visualize future medical liability risks upon the horizon.


It is for all the above reasons that the REI Protect program, a comprehensive program for infertility medical practices and IVF laboratories across the country, has become so successful. Combining ProAssurance’s insurance knowledge and policy coverage depth with REI Protect’s keen understanding of infertility medical practices and IVF laboratories makes the REI Protect medical liability program the right choice.

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